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Customer Testimonials

  • Bharat Agarwal, Pune

    SME & Commercial Loans

    My experience with HeroFinCorp has been very good, Communication with our representative & their funding department & credit department has been reliable & responsive. Their team works truly hard for meeting the timelines. I would like to make a special mention of the ease & reliability of their funding process, which is always a key of financial success for any institution. They have been a valuable partner in our journey so far and we look forward to keep working with them in future.

    Bharat Agarwal, Pune
    Promoter, Bansilal Agarwal Charitable Trust

  • Mani Mamallan, Mumbai

    SME & Commercial Loans

    I'm impressed by the thoroughness and professionalism exhibited by the relationship team at Hero Fincorp Limited. (Read More) The best part about them is the quick turnaround time. They take a genuine interest in helping their clients achieve their goals with minimum hassles and maximum productivity. Their strong business ethics and integrity is top notch and has made our working relationship very pleasurable and efficient.

    Mani Mamallan, Mumbai
    Founder & MD, Electronic Payment & Services Pvt. Ltd.

  • Aasif Immam, Bhopal


    I applied to Hero FinCorp for a 2-wheeler loan only after considering many options for financing and calling my bank and many companies. Hero FinCorp offers low interest rates with excellent customer service, and I felt that they were the best choice to finance my motorcycle dream. I enjoyed interacting with the Sales Executive, and am very thankful for the ease and simplicity of his service.

    Aasif Immam, Bhopal
    Business Owner

  • Boman J. Yezdani, Mumbai

    SME & Commercial Loans

    It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Hero FinCorp team. They combine a strong understanding of credit and risk, with a pragmatic and practical view on structuring solutions which are a win-win for all parties involved. The team has consistently delivered what they have promised to clients, within committed timelines. We at RentAsset look forward to a long association with HFCL.

    Boman J. Yezdani, Mumbai
    Promoter, RentAsset Initiatives Pvt. Ltd.

  • Rupali Kalita, Guwahati

    SME & Commercial Loans

    It would be worthwhile to mention that during the current fiscal year, Hero Fincorp is the only lender on-board with RGVN(NE)MFL and has consistently provided the lowest turnaround times. Although the partnership is in the initial stages, we have shared a warm relationship in our dealings with Hero FinCorp. The Relationship Manager was always on his toes, enabling us to complete the transactions at lightning speed and in a systematic manner. The term loan assistance received from HFCL definitely contributes towards the noble cause of serving the poor and needy of the Northeast India where our organization works.

    Rupali Kalita, Guwahati
    CEO, RGVN (North-East) MicroFinance Ltd.

  • Chandresh Jajoo, Delhi

    SME & Commercial Loans

    We are really satisfied with the services of M/s Hero Fincorp Ltd and appreciated their cooperation. We have built a relationship of trust and understanding where HFCL has always co-operated with us at every juncture. The best part about them is there quick funding and faster disbursement process. Our relationship manager, Mr. Atul Singh is a very helpful person who listens to all our qureris and is always ready to serve us to the best of his abilities.

    Chandresh Jajoo, Delhi
    Promoter, Hema Engineering Industries Ltd.

  • Manish Singh, Udaipur


    The good part about HFCL is their quick loan process which is hassle free and customer friendly. Their interest rates are low and the process is completely transparent. Also, my relationship manager has been very helpful and supportive. He explained me the entire process and was ready to wait when I said i need time for some documents. Overall, I am happy with their services and would recommend HFCL to anyone who needs quick and easy Two-wheeler loans.

    Manish Singh, Udaipur

  • Iqbal Duggal, Ludhiana


    We took a loan against property around five months ago, and found that dealings with Hero FinCorp were very convenient. Their relationship manager handled the entire process from documentation to release of funds in a very smooth and hassle-free manner. We would definitely recommend Hero FinCorp, to anyone who is looking for a solid long term engagement

    Iqbal Duggal, Ludhiana
    Business Owner

  • Aditi Jain, Hyderabad


    Hero FinCorp is one of those few companies, which go out of their way to enable the businesses of their customers. Our relationship manager understood the specific challenges of our industry and created a financing solution which was just right. Their proactive, responsive and dynamic nature sets them apart from anyone else in this business. On the whole Hero FinCorp is a reliable and dependable partner.

    Aditi Jain, Hyderabad

  • Krishnan Narayanan, Chennai

    SME & Commercial Loans

    I would like to mention that overall it has been a great experience working with HFCL. We had very in depth, challenging and positive discussions with them and their seniors from HO. We have created a strong fundamental business relationship and are now moving forward. The loan process was very fast, beating all other competing banks. Our major purpose of approaching HFCL was the speed of sanctioning (we didn't mind paying slightly more interest cost) which was achieved. We have been able to quickly move forward on project implementation. Thanks for the association and we are looking forward to a continued long term association with Hero.

    Krishnan Narayanan, Chennai
    CFO, Malladi Drugs & Pharmaceutical Ltd.

  • Deepak Shinde, Pune

    SME & Commercial Loans

    We are very delighted to have HFCL as the financial partner, the loan structure provided by HFCL is very attractive compare to any other private financers/NBFSs. After availing the facility from HFCL, we have been able to reduce our monthly obligations which in result has given us the space to plan for existing & upcoming projects. Overall time processing is commendable. Documentation part was also standard & we found very transparent deals from HFCL. We were very happy & surprised to see that HFCL team came to meet us on a regular basis even after disbursement (Very Rare in the industry). Team members of HFCL are also very friendly & co-operative. We will always like to be associated with HFCL. All the very best for HFCL & their team............

    Deepak Shinde, Pune
    Promoter, Proto D Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

  • Udaya Kumar, Banagalore

    SME & Commercial Loans

    Grameen Koota Financial Services Pvt. Ltd., (Grameen Koota-GK) – an NBFC-MFI, based in Bangalore, accesses funds in its endeavor to reach its Mission to be a sustainable, friendly and trusted provider of affordable and need-based services to the poor and low-income families. Grameen Koota constantly works to expand its lender resource base every year and Hero Fincorp Ltd., (HFCL) has joined GK as its newest lending partner in March 2015. HFCL, through its term loan support of Rs.15 crore to GK has qualitatively commenced its contribution towards enabling GK in achieving its vision to bring economic and social change in poor and low income households through financial products and development services. HFCL’s support has directly reached out to around 14,000 women client households spread across the States of Karnataka and Maharashtra. GK immensely values the commencement of this partnership with HFCL and looks forward to strengthening of this relationship.

    Udaya Kumar, Banagalore
    CEO, Grameen Koota Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.

  • Pankaj Sachdeva, Delhi

    SME & Commercial Loans

    The Feedback Infra Group has enjoyed a long and healthy relationship with Hero FinCorp (including its earlier avatars). The relationship recently got further strengthened with limits being extended to one of the Subsidiaries as well. We have been impressed with the pace of responsiveness, warm treatment and quick decision making at Hero FinCorp. There has been a sharp understanding of our business and its requirements which resulted in working capital support to the Group. This support would enable the Group to grow and diversify in its business operations both in India and abroad. Another key feature in the relationship with Hero FinCorp has been the ease with which the transaction was executed, a knowledgeable and friendly Relationship Manager who was steadfast through the entire process and ensured that all time commitments were honored and the requirement of documentation was kept to a minimum without compromising on the fundamentals of the transaction. We certainly look forward to a long and healthy relationship in the times ahead.

    Pankaj Sachdeva, Delhi
    Group CFO, Feedback Infra Pvt Ltd

  • Rohan Shah, Ahmedabad

    SME & Commercial Loans

    We started our relationship journey with Hero-Fincorp since April 2015 and since then we have found no issues while working with them. Their quick decision making, easy and hassle free disbursements and minimal paper-work has made our work much easier. Our relation with HFCL has helped us procure additional businesses with our clients which we were unable to cater earlier due to blockage of funds. Also HFCL representative Mr. Vipul Raj Yadav has always been very helpful. We wish good luck to HFCL and hope to increase volumes with them in the near future.

    Rohan Shah, Ahmedabad
    Promoter, Sakar Industries Ltd.

  • Sunil Aggarwal, Delhi

    SME & Commercial Loans

    We are quite satisfied with the services of HFCL, especially the solution based approach of the organization which has strengthened our relationship Our relationship manager had a clear, in-depth understanding of our needs and ably helped us at every juncture. The processes are fast and smooth, meeting all the timelines which were committed to us. We are definitely looking forward to continue the strong business relationship with HFCL in future.

    Sunil Aggarwal, Delhi
    Promoter, Shree Balaji Alumincast Pvt. Ltd.

  •  Jai Kabra, New Delhi


    Our relationship with HFCL is a year old. We took the loan in view of building a long term relationship with a growing NBFC like HFCL and open the door for MDL Group's future requirements. Professionally speaking our experience with HFCL has been excellent on all fronts. Their Relationship Managers have a good understanding of the client’s needs. I believe, this creates a sense of satisfaction for both the lender and borrower.

    Jai Kabra, New Delhi
    President, MDL Energy Pvt. Ltd.

  • Jugal Kataria, Delhi

    SME & Commercial Loans

    Our recent association with HFCL has left us very impressed with the professional approach of their team. They spent time to understand our business model and funding needs and offered funding on terms which were mutually acceptable as well as commercially viable. This helped us close the transaction within the shortest possible time. We would also like to credit them with ensuring that the documentation was not complex/complicated. HFCL’s service delivery is extremely flexible and offers a level of customer service which is par-excellence. This makes the entire experience of working with them quite wonderful. We look forward to a long standing and mutually beneficial association with HFCL. We wish HFCL and its team all the success.

    Jugal Kataria, Delhi
    CFO, Satin Creditcare Network Ltd.

  • Rahul Maheshwari, Aligarh


    After submission of my documents, Mr. Sanjay delivered my Maestro to me within 2 hours only. He was clear about the scheme and told me about every little detail like documents required, EMI, down payments, due dates, bouncing charges etc. Every month, I receive an SMS from Hero FinCorp asking me to maintain my balance in my bank account and a call from customer care 4 days before the month ends. Really it is very good for me.

    Rahul Maheshwari, Aligarh
    Marketing Professional